Content Creation
for Green and Wellness Companies

Zoe Zuniga Holistic Health Writer

Freelance Writer

Zoe Zuniga

As a plant-based freelance writer, I believe in sustainability. Means and goals have to match up in your business and your life. As an experienced content creator I can help you reach more of the people who need what you do with writing, graphics, and monthly maintainance for your site, blog, and social media.

How can I help you?

Integrity is your faithful little black dress, and you wear it with uncompromising grace.

Content Creation

Keep your content fresh with stories for your monthly blog posts. Web copy, eBooks, Lead magnets, landing pages, "green papers" and ghostwriting projects are welcomed.


Email Sequences

Introduce new people to what you offer, and gently coax them through your funnel to become your customers. Keep your existing customers in the loop with consistent email progress reports, bonuses and informational offerings.


Social Media

Whether you need a Facebook, page, Pinterest updates, LinkedIn posts, or consistent Twitter engagement, I can help. Keep your business visible with regular posts, and juicy imagery.

Core Values

You are in business for the right reasons. I will work with you to convey your message of conscious growth, minimal waste, and the sacredness of our planet, our bodies, and our spirits as human beings.


Unbiased Research

I know how difficult it is to find accurate research to back your message. But I know where to look for alternatives to the mainstream arguments, the false facts, and the hidden agendas.


Integrity and Results

Yes, you need to make a profit, but you know the best way to do that is by providing real solutions, long term plans, and high-quality lasting products. Every detail has to be right, and the results do not justify the means for your company.

Work With Me

Ready to create new content for your business?

I work with you to find the right tone and message to your audience. Services include keywords for articles, social media copy, and more. Monthly content creation or one-off projects are welcome.