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About You!

Every little detail has to be right, and the results do not justify the means for your company. 

Integrity is your faithful little black dress, and you wear it with uncompromising grace.

Your Values 
If you’re exasperated with content providers who don’t understand why a plant-based diet or veganism is important or think climate change is a hoax I feel the same way. Working with someone who truly aligns with your values makes the ride smoother! 

Unbiased Accurate Research

I know how difficult it is to find accurate research to back your message in a biased market place, but I know where to look for alternatives to the mainstream arguments, the false facts, and the hidden agendas. 

Integrity and Results 

Yes, you need to make a profit, but you know the best way to do that is by providing real solutions, long term plans, and high quality lasting products. 

Your Reputation is built on a strong foundation 

You are in business for the right reasons, and I will work with you to convey your message of conscious capitalism, minimal waste, and the sacredness of our planet, our bodies and our spirit as human beings.


About Zoe

Zoe Zuniga Holistic Health Writer

I graduated from a 17-student 5-teacher alternative high school called Tatnic Hill School for Environmental Studies tucked off in the woods of Maine. That was what started me on a whole-foods plant-based diet, meditation, and yoga. I even learned to build a Yurt!

I’m not only an avid health advocate and writer; I am an insider. I have been working as a practitioner in the industry for over 20 years.

In 1988 during the fitness-thong era, I started out as an aerobics instructor and then became a massage therapist specializing in sports and deep tissue work and a Pilates trainer.

I have always marketed for my own business with brochures and newsletters and eventually created websites and did social media campaigns. Then I began helping other Pilates studios to sell themselves online

In 2018 I started a natural health blog called Mind-Body Clarity a plant-based nutrition site to help people find natural solutions for lifestyle diseases.

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