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Wellness Post

Is Your Gut Microbiome Making You Fat?

Diet Post

The Dirty Little Diet Industry Secret

Wellness Post

Are Psychobiotics too Good to be True?

Wellness Post

Vaporize Brain Fog and Wake Up

Whole-Foods Plant-Based Diet

FAQ Page

FAQ Page for a whole-foods Plant-based diet

Lead Magnet

Plant Based Recipe Guide Email Course

Nutrition Post

End a Weight Loss Plateau with a Plant-Based Diet

Nutrition Post

 How to Stop Junk Food Cravings

Green Issues

Medium Article

Climate Change Solutions Not Billion Dollar Band-Aids

Facebook Page

 Gratola Green Corridor

Medium Essay

The Lawn as Status Symbol

Green Paper

The Opporutnity of Climate Change: It’s Not All Bad News

Online Marketing

Training Post

Online Marketing Training Platforms Review

Marketing Post

 7 Steps to Choosing Your Niche

Marketing Post

The 50 First Dates Method of Email Engagement

Landing Page

50-First-Dates-Free Guide

Design Tech

Site Building Post

Astra Theme Tips

Design Post

eBook Formats that work

Site Building

Best Drag and Drop Site Builders

Guest Post

Designing White Papers People Want to Read


Meditation Post

Satori: Mini Glimpes of the Infinite

Meditation Post

Why I Hate Transcendental Meditation

Medium Essay

Houdini and the Holographic Universe

Medium Post

The Spiritual Power of Being Organized


Creativity Blog

About Page: On Trying to be Normal

Lead Magnet

Creative Resource Guide

Creativity Blog

The Big Enough Why

Visualization Post

Money Empowerment Meditation

Gig Economy/Freelance

Lifestlye Post

Two Years of App Gigs

Jobs Post

How to Find Modeling Gigs When You Don’t Fit the Stereotype

Jobs Post

Massage  Therapy Gigs for Creatives

Careers Blog

Pilates Gigs for Creatives


Lifestyle Interview

Quadriplegic Extreme Athlete

Professions Interview

 Naturopathic Doctor

Professions Interview

A Teacher with Integrity


Medium Review

Model Mugging Women’s Self Defense Course

Medium Post

Empowering Girls and Giving Time Back to Women

Lifestyle Blog

Is Childhood Trauma Holding You Back?


Medium Short Story

Palo Alto Paradise Lost

YA Novel Excerpt

Plangent Noise, Steiff Peaceful-Tail Run’s Away

Novel Excerpt

Novel Excerpt: My Life of Noisy Desperation

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