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The dirty little secret the diet industry is hiding from you.
Reprogramming  your mind for weight loss. Becoming whole and healthy after diet obsession.
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Are your gut bacteria making you fat? Over 1000 species of bacteria live naturally in your intestinal tract including molds and viruses. Don’t worry! They are supposed to be there. Read more…

Does your family think you’re orthorexic just because you eat a healthy diet? How to deal with people’s reaction to changes in your diet. Read more…

Cover design and writing for a lead magnet: an 8-part Plant-Based Email Course
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Fiction Sample
The Do-Over
YA teen time travel short story

Fiction Sample
My Life of Noisy Desperation
Autobiographical novel

Fiction Sample
Sci-fi fantasy short story

Fiction Sample 
Plangent Noise
YA teen sci-fi fanatasy novel

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